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Tech Bitch Podcast

Jul 12, 2018

After a series of unfortunate life events, Shelah Barr’s career went to the dogs...literally. She started her own canine massage and cross training business in San Francisco. Shelah has been a long time resident of the Castro, the gayest, proudest, most colorful neighborhood in the 7x7. She talks about how the AIDS epidemic has changed the residents of the Castro and finishes with a rant on bicycles. Find Shelah at

Trigger warning: During the Castro portion there is talk of people dying of AIDS and suicide.  


Show Timestamps:

0:00 - Introductions to Shelah Barr and her career journey to Happy Hounds Massage and K-9 Cross Training
6:00 - Challenges to starting and running your own business and how to reach out for help when you need it
12:55 - San Francisco’s dramatic changes from 1980 to today; how a city went from a clean, hippie city to a densely populated area with a massive homeless problem
18:10 - Millennial Rant...or is it?
23:40 - The Castro neighborhood was intensely affected by the AIDS crisis

*Trigger warning: talking about death from AIDS and suicide

31:10 - Taking a break from career/life
37:25 - Dog health issues, advice on alternative therapy and a story on Bunny vs. the Vet Tech
46:15 - Bitch Sesh: Bicycles’ responsibility on the road


Music Credits:
Eterno Retorno - Madame Rrose Selavy
Start Me Up - Rolling Stones
All I Do Is Win - DJ Khalid
San Francisco - Scott McKenzie
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John
Everyday People - Sly & The Family Stone
Dog Stole Things - Phish
Bicycle Race - Queen
New York Minute Prayer - Shlipa Ray