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Tech Bitch Podcast

Jul 20, 2018

Jacqueline and I never anticipated that a conversation that started with affordable healthcare would take us on the journey to discuss the importance of mental health, depression and what colleagues can do when they notice a change in a person’s behavior. This episode shares stories of depression, PTSD and suicide. We reference Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade in the episode.

Trigger warning: We share stories of suicide in San Francisco, talk about doctor-assisted suicide and discuss Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade. If you’d like to skip it, please note that it’s mostly discussed from timestamp 8:46 - 23:20  


Show Timestamps:

0:00 - Preamble, trigger warnings and introductions with Jacqueline Warner
5:00 - The importance of mission in an organization and how “affordable healthcare” is an oxymoron
8:46 - End of life care and why Jamie appreciates living in Oregon
13:00 - Jamie’s neighbor commits suicide
17:09 - Mental Health initiatives in healthcare organization to identify and talk to colleagues that may be at risk of suicidal behaviors; Jacqueline shares a story of her colleague’s suicide
23:20 - How to ask an employee or colleague, “are you considering suicide?” and how suicide is talked about in the media
29:30 - Suicide as a conscious choice vs. mental health illness and Jamie talks about her experience with PTSD and depression


Music Credits:

Eterno Retorno - Madame Rrose Selavy
Life is Long - David Byrne
It’s a Hard Life - Queen
Happy Ending - Mika
New York Minute Prayer - Shlipa Ray